Get Started on Your Wedding Planning Checklist

My Wedding ChecklistAlthough most wedding experts will tell you that it takes roughly 12-16 months to plan a wedding, not every couple has that long before their wedding for planning. There are so many things involved to make sure you get to have the wedding of your dreams. The best tool for helping you accomplish your goals every step of the way is a wedding planning checklist. It’s always a good idea to map out everything you need to do ahead of time so you can stay on track of the wedding planning process. The suggestions here can be condensed to fit any kind of schedule, simply do the important things first.

Before creating any type of wedding planning checklist, it’s important to work out a budget, find out exactly how much you are willing to spend. If you think the planning should be done by professional, look for a wedding planner and go over the details of your wedding with her. If you can’t afford to hire a wedding planner or would rather do everything yourself, remember to keep everything organized. Create a binder with all of your research, contracts, etc. Use a day planner to schedule important appointments. After the initial prep work, it’s time to get started. Continue reading

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The Appeal of the Antique Wedding Dress

Antique wedding dressWomen of all ages and from all walks of life appreciate the uniqueness and sheer beauty of a genuine old wedding dress, and especially one that has been passed down from one generation to the next. The timeless, classic appeal of antique wedding dresses is unrivaled despite the endless number of different types and styles of bridal gowns available today.

The fine craftsmanship and incredible details of most all antique wedding dresses is simply amazing with many modern designers now mimicking the vintage style of days gone by. However, to get the same quality of a true antique wedding dress you will more than likely pay handsomely for the privilege.

Finding the Perfect Antique Wedding Dress

When buying something like a wedding dress, and one that’s been previously worn, there are several factors to first consider, mainly the overall condition of the gown itself. Fabric deterioration should be your primary concern as many types of fabrics including silk will weaken over the years, and intricate beading, embroidery, and lacework may all suffer from the ravages of time, even more so if the dress is not stored and cared for properly. Continue reading

A Family Garden Wedding May Be the Most Romantic

The Secret Garden, Mill Rose Inn, Half Moon Bay, California, USAAre you currently planning an intimate wedding? Prepare a garden wedding at home. Such a brilliant idea, in relation to making a selection relating to a location, you do not have to look any further than your family home and garden. Garden weddings are so romantic, the ideal environment for lovely photos, to help keep the memories alive for years to come.

The planning begins with picking who the wedding guests will probably be. Then the Weddings Invitations, should they be Customized, Personalized, Inventive, Designer or Theme Wedding Invitations. The most effective factor about going in addition to a wedding design is that you are able to choose the colours and also the laces and ribbons which go having a garden environment. This really is a great thought, as it is possible to reproduce that in the wedding invitation stationery. Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Wedding Favors

Wedding FavorsSmall gifts given to guests at most weddings symbolize thanks and appreciation from the wedding couple. They are sort of small memento to also remind the guests of the wedding. Wedding favors come in various types, styles and themes. When shopping for favors one should keep in mind that they don’t need to be expensive. Attempting to go all out is certainly fine, but it not necessary at all. The thing is, they are meant to remind the guests about the event as well as show appreciation for sharing a precious time.

Wedding favors are among the things that are quite frustrating to decide on. With so many great choices to choose from, finding what’s best can make any head spin. Depending on the couple’s taste, consider a few options for your big day: a wedding favor can be something edible, eco-friendly, made of candle or soap, or pewter. Continue reading

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